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Library Archival and Information Studies

The Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies is the oldest existing Library School in West Africa. Established in 1959, the Department teaches a wide range of courses in Library and Information Studies. Library and Information Science is interpreted in its widest sense to include publishing and other means of acquiring, organising and disseminating information. Thus, programmes in the Department contain courses in publishing as foundations or background knowledge for librarians, archivists and information scientists. Thus far, no highly articulated professional /academic Master degree programme in publishing and copyright studies exists in any Nigerian university or other institutions of higher education in West Africa.

The Department has highly qualified staff made up of some of the leading professional and academic publishers, and information scholars in Africa. It has a state-of-art laboratory with ICTs, a Departmental library and other relevant and supporting facilities such as a well equipped Word Processing (W.P.), Desk Top Publishing (DTP), Scanning and Image generating sophisticated technological facilities