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List of Courses in the Department

  1. A.     Bachelor of Arts in Education Programmes

The following degrees are offered under these programmes

  1.  B.A.     Education Arabic Studies
  2.  B.A. Education Christian Religious Studies
  3.  B.A. Education Communication and Language Arts
  4.  B.A. Education English
  5.  B.A. Education French
  6.  B.A. Education History and International Studies
  7.  B.A. Education Igbo
  8.  B.A. Education Islamic Studies
  9.  B.A. Education Theatre Arts

10.   B.A. Education Yoruba

B. Bachelor of Social Science in Education Programme

     11.  B.Sc Education Economics

     12.  B.Sc. Education Geography

     13.  B.Sc. Education Political Science


C. Bachelor of Education Programme


      14. B.Ed Social Sciences


D.PG Programmes

(A)     M.Ed


  1. M.Ed Language Education
  2. M.Ed Social Studies Education
  3. M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction


(B)   M.Phil/M.Phil./Ph.D

  1. Language Education
  2. Social Studies Education
  3. Curriculum & Instruction