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Welcome to The Faculty of Education


On behalf of our faculty I welcome you to the webpage of the flagship of faculties of Education and Africa that is very rich in programmes and manpower. The faculty is always full of academic programmes and activities attracting local, national and international participants.

The vision and mission of the faculty are in line with that of the university as well as in line with the university motto. In line with these, the faculty produces well globally competitive graduates who are worthy in learning and sound judgment capable of meeting challenges of a dynamic world.

The faculty houses world class scholars in the areas of general education, library science and social work spread across eight academic departments and one centre who assiduously engage in teaching, research and community services. Our students are well behaved and eagerly ready to learn as individuals and groups. It is of note that our postgraduate programme is second to none in Africa in terms of various areas of specialization and student populations.

We are always improving in stocking our libraries and improving on teaching and research with ICT. In expecting our activities, we are guided by evidence based practices and win – win approach to all issues.

Once again, you are welcome to the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

Professor O. Adegbesan

Dean, Faculty of Education