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BRIEF HISTORY OF DEPARTMENT HUMAN KINETICS AND HEALTH EDUCATION The Department of Physical and Health, now Human Kinetics and Health Education was created out of the Institute of Education during the quinquennium session of the University of Ibadan, beginning in 1975 with a take-off staff strength of three non-academic staff, (Secretary Typist and Messenger) and three academic staff with one acting Head of Department. The department started officially in July 1975 with focus on the production and training of teachers and sports administrators for secondary schools, sports council and commission. The Postgraduate programme which is intended to produce high-level manpower for colleges of education, universities and sports council saw the production of its first Ph.D candidate in 1981. The programme opened up areas of specialization in Administration of Physical education and sports, Exercise physiology, Health education, Sociology Psychology of sports Health Education and Recreation. The department also offers sub-degree programmes for the award of certificates and Diploma for students whose services are required in elementary schools and sports councils as well as sports clubs. Besides teaching and research, the department also provides technical services in form of sport clinic, and workshops for coaches, athletes, and games masters, sports organizers. It also runs a fitness clinic. The department plays a pivotal role in the administration of sports in the university. Currently the department is planning to operate a unit of Bio-kinetics and sports sciences. She has fifteen Lecturers currently; including two Professors.