History : Department of Adult Education


Formerly Extra-Mural Studies was founded in 1949. It now offers degree at the sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Department offers courses in Adult Education, Community Development and Trade unionism, Industrial Relations and Social Work. In addition it continues to provide facilities for and organise extra-mural studies classes throughout the country. Through this activity, remedial programmes are made available for a number of candidates for national examinations such as WASC, GCE, RSA and others. The Department has been active in disadvantaged areas running programmes for young adults, farmers and industrial personnel. The Department also is engaged in literacy research and writing of literacy books etc. It also runs seminars and workshops on adult literacy and Trade Unionism.


The Conference Centre is a sub-unit formally opened in 1968. It holds a over 60 conferences and workshops annually. Its numerous seminar rooms make it possible to have multiple numbers of conferences at the same time. Through its services, it has been possible to impart knowledge and skills to the public at large through vacation and training programmes.