Philosophy: Early Childhood


The early years are of tremendous significance in the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth and development of children. Therefore, the quality of care and education children receive during this period has a long term impact on their all-round development. This is why adequate attention should be given to the preparation of professionals who will be involved directly or indirectly in the provision of high-quality childhood education programme that can yield both short and long term benefits for participating children, their families and the society. Moreover, high quality childhood education can reduce the risk factors that can interfere with learning and achievement in school.


The following are the objectives of the programme

  • To prepare teachers and caregivers with adequate knowledge of child development in their physical cognitive and affective domains.
  • To equip teachers and caregivers with the knowledge of developmentally and culturally appropriate practices in Early Childhood Education
  • To equip teachers and caregivers with adequate knowledge of different types of learning materials and equipment that are both culturally and developmentally appropriate for young children.
  • To prepare teachers and caregivers as early childhood education professionals with adequate knowledge of professional ethics in dealing with the children, their families, community/society and colleagues.
  • To educate teachers and caregivers on preparation of child-friendly learning environment and
  • To train teachers and caregivers to source for and use local resources for teaching and learning.