History: Early Childhood

The Faculty of Education came into being in 1962 when the then Institute of Education (Founded in 1957 and the Department of Extra-Moral Studies founded in 1949) were merged  and called ‘Faculty of Education and Extra-Moral Studies’. It was based in the present Faculty of Arts until it moved to its present site in 1967. In the year of its inception in 1962, the Institute of Education started the Bachelor of Education Programme and was renamed the Department and Institute of Education that same year.

From 1974/75 session, new Departments were created from this initial set-up. These were the Departments of Physical and Health Education – now called Human Kinetics and Health Education (1975/76), Educational Management, Guidance and Counseling and Special Education, all in 1976/77 session. The former Department and Institute was then re-designated the Department of Teacher Education. Up till the year 2016, Department of Teacher Education had the following units: Science and Mathematics Education, Educational Technology, Language Education, Social Studies Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Foundations and Early Childhood Education. There were 28 lecturers in the Department with about 20 different programmes. This made the Department the largest in the Faculty.

Besides the size of the Department, the National Universities Commission (NUC) – gave a directive to the Department to restructure the programmes in accordance with the benchmark. This directive led to the unbundling of the Department of Teacher Education into three Departments namely: Department of Science and Technology Education; Department of Arts and Social Sciences and Department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations. The Department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations has taken off during the 2016/2017 academic session. In addition to full accreditation of the programme by the National University Commission (NUC) during the visitation in December 2016, the splitting of the old Teacher Education Department into three has also been approved by NUC.