Students'association: Department of Guidance & Counselling

It is universally acknowledged that every department usually has a students association to cater for the affairs and welfare of its members in conjunction with the department as a whole.

The Student Counsellors’ Association of Nigeria, U. I. Cater (SCASSON) serves as the student body under the department of Guidance and Counselling University of Ibadan.

The activities of SCASSON as an entity has commenced since the inception of the department in 1976.

Its affairs is also regulated by a constitution and guided by the motto “Towards Adjustment and Self Fulfillment”.


All members of SCASSON U.I. Chapter shall hold in a strict allegiance the following aims and objectives.

  • To encourage and promote harmonies interactions between student, staff and the university administration.

  • To promote the social, cultural, intellectual and recreational interests of its members

  • To faster the interests of its members.

  • To promote and encourage good healthy citizenship among members of the association irrespective of nationality state of origin

  • To promote the educational and social advancement of members of the association.

  • To faster unity and co-operation with national body in pursuance of their aims and objectives.

  • To facilitate the dissemination of Guidance & Counselling Literatures and knowledge among members and where necessary, the public by way of conferences symposia, lectures, publications and researches.

  • To broaden the usefulness of the study of Guidance & Couselling in Co-operation with other Guidance and Counselling department within and outside the country


There are 3 types of membership of SCASSON. These are

  • Ordinary Members:

These include all certificate, part-time and fulltime diploma, matriculated

undergraduate (both external and regular) and post graduate student in the


  • Honorary Membership:

These include those who have distinguished themselves in the field of Guidance & Counselling. The conferment of this honor is done through a motion to the effect supported by not less than 2/3 majority of the D.C.C.

  • Life Members:

These include past members of the association who contributed immensely towards the development of the association and humanity at large.

Recent Past SCASSON Executives






Onipe Marian

Idowu Agida Dipo

Umukoro Simon

Vice President

Azeez Fatai

Gbenga Afolayan

Scott Bukola

Gen. Sec.

Idow Agida

Adegbite Isamail

Ogundokun Kunle

A. G. S.

Akinpelu umi

Ogunbode Paul

Ezeali Chijoke

P. R. O.

Adighibe Ndidi

Azubike Precious

Abiona Ayodele

Fin Sec.

Alarape Bolanle

Onwuta Chinlo

Olutunde Olufemi


Adewusi Ololade

Olutunte Olufemi

Olubodun Opeyemi


Okezirume Friday

Adoko Kate

Oke Sunday


Kelekun Tosin

Sarayi Hafiz

Adebowale Mutiu

Social Director

Olumowo Toyin

Umukoro Simon

Mac-Ake Boma

H. O. D

Prof. Uwakwe

Prof. Uwakwe

Dr. Mrs. Falaye

Staff Adviser

Dr. Osiki

Dr. Osiki

Dr. Aremu

Deputy Staff Ad.

Mr. Oparah