2014 PROMOTION EXERCISE SENIOR LECTURER CURRICULUM VITAE I.          (a)        Name:                                                              Udeme S Jacob             (b)        Date of Birth:                                                  39th May, 1979             (c)        Department:                                                    Special Education             (d)       Faculty:                                                                       Education             (e)        College:                                                                       Not Applicable   II.        (a)        First Academic Appointment:                                    November, 2014 (b)        Present Post (with date):                                 Assistant Lecturer, November, 2014             (c)        Date of last Promotion:                                               Not Applicable             (d)       Date last considered (in case where promotion was not through):    Not Applicable   III.       University Education (With Dates):             (1)        Tai Solarin College of Education (UI)                        2003 - 2007             (2)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan                                     2010 - 2012             (3)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan                                     2013 - Till   IV.       Academic Qualifications (With Dates and Granting Bodies):             (1)        B.Ed.(Hons), Agricultural Science Education                        2007             (2)        M.Ed. Special Education                                                        2012             (3)        Ph.D. (Special Education)                                                      In view     V.        Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (With Dates):           VI.       Scholarships, Fellowships, and Prizes (With Dates):              Nil   VII.     Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies:

  1. Member, National Council for Exceptional Children (NCEC)
  2. Member, West and Central Africa Council for Inclusive Education
  3. Member, International Association for Special Educators (IASE)

VIII.    Details of Teaching/ Work Experience:

  1. Assistant Lecturer , University of Ibadan   - 29 November, 2014 to date

Teaching Load (a)        Courses taught at the University Level Undergraduate Courses SPE 103          -           Anatomy and Physiology of Human Organs as Related to Special Education SPE 208          -           Physical Exceptionality and Health Disabilities SPE 332          -           Rehabilitation of the Educable Mentally Retarded SPE 333          -           Seminar in Mental Retardation SPE 435          -           Education of Mentally Retarded with other Handicap SPE 436          -           Education of Mentally Retarded Adolescent (b)       Postgraduate Courses Nil  (c)       Project Supervision             (1)        Bachelor’s Degree                         8 Students             (2)        Master’s Degree                         Nil Students   IX.       Research: X         Publications:             (a)        Books already Published:                                                            -           Nil             (b)        Chapters in Books already Published:                            -       Nil (c)        Articles that have already appeared in Conference Proceedings:                                                                                 -           Nil (d)       Patents:                                                                                                    -           Nil             (e)        Articles that have already appeared in learned Journals:

  1. Oyundoyin J. O. and Jacob U. S (2015) Socioeconomic Status as Correlated of Aggressive Behaviour among Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities in Lagos state, Nigeria. Nigerain School of Health Journal, 27 (2) 41 – 51 (Contribution: 50%)


  1. Jacob U. S., Olisaemeka A. N and Edozie I. S (2015) Development and Communication Disorders in Children with Intellectual Disability: The Place of Early Intervention for Effective Inclusion. Journal of Education and Practice 6 (36) 42 – 46 (Contribution: 40%).
  2. Jacob U. S (2015) Utilization of Community Based Rehabilitation for Persons’ with Disabilities (PWD) in Nigeria: The Way Forward. European Scientific Journal 11 (25) 80 -88

                (Contribution: 100%) (f)        Books, Chapters in Book and Articles already accepted for publication:                                                                              -           Nil (g)        Technical Reports and Monograph:                            -           Nil                        __________________________                        ______13th July, 2016__________ Jacob Udeme                                                  Date                  DOWNLOAD CV              CURRENT RESEARCH