Course : Department of Special Education

TEE102 Introduction to History and Policy of Education R
GCE 101 Psychological Foundations of Education R
TEE 103 Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education R
SPE 104 Introduction to Special Education R
SPE 103 Anatomy and Physiology of Human Organs as Related to Special Education C
SPE 102 Identification of Common Causation to the Handicapped Children and their Influences on Development R
Teaching Subjects
Electives (Any two courses to be selected) E
GCE 204 Psychology of Learning R
SPE 201 Professional Practice I C
SPE 202 Education of the Gifted Child R
SPE 203 Education of the Hearing Impaired R
SPE 204 Learning Disabilities R
SPE 205 Mental/Retardation R
SPE 206 Speech Pathology and Audiology R
SPE 207 Education of the Visually Impaired R
SPE 208 Physical Exceptionalities E
SPE 209 Education of the Multiple Handicapped E
Teaching Subjects
GCE 302 Measurement and Evaluation on Educational Practices R
TEE 302 Introduction to History and Philosophy of Education R
TEE 353 Instructional Technology R
SPE 301 Classroom Management and Guidance in Special Education C
SPE 304 Professional Practice II C
SPE 305 Seminar in Special Education C
SPE 302 Psychoeducational Diagnosis in Special Education R
SPE 303 Clinical Teaching R
SPE 311 Physiological Phonetics R
SPE 312 Speech Language and Articulation Disorders S
SPE 313 Clinical Audiometry: Principles and Practice S
Teaching Subjects
Electives (Any two courses to be selected) E
SPE 322 Teaching Basic Subjects to the Learning Disabled Pupil C
SPE 323 Techniques in Vocational Training R
SPE 331 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Subjects to the Educable Mentally Retarded C/E
SPE 332 Rehabilitation of Educable Mentally Retarded I


SPE 333 Seminar on Mental Retardation R/E
SPE 334 Early Intervention in Mental Retardation R
SPE 341 Total Communication for the Deaf C
SPE 342 Approach to the Teaching of Language, Auditory Training and Speech Reading to Deaf Children C/E
SPE 343 Educational Technology and Media for the Deaf: Early Intervention and Parental Counseling R/E
SPE 344 Development of Education of the Deaf E
SPE 351 Communication Skills and Language Development for the Blind C
SPE 352 Historical Survey of Education, Orientation and Mobility of the Blind C
SPE 353 Teaching of Mathematics and Science to the Blind R
SPE 371 Gifted and Talented Children: The Nature/Measurement of Intelligence C
SPE 372 Education of the Gifted C
SPE 373 Competence and Giftedness R
SPE 374 Social Value for the Gifted and Leadership: The Society E
SPE 401 Professional Practice III C
SPE 402 Independent Study C
SPE 403 Counseling Parents and Special Needs Children R
SPE 404 Curriculum and Instruction in Special Education R
SPE 411 Stuttering Theory and Therapy C
SPE 412 Advanced Audiology C
SPE 413 Defects of Voicing and Articulation E
SPE 414 Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Palate and Speech Habilitation E
SPE 415 Organic Speech Disorders R
SPE 416 Hearing Conservation in Schools, Occupational Safety and Health in Audiology R
SPE 426 Psycho-Educational Approach to Learning Disabilities R
SPE 431 Mental Retardation Education and Rehabilitation of the Trainable Mentally Retarded C
SPE 432 Methods of Teaching School Subjects to the Educable Mentally Retarded II C
SPE 433 Strategies for Helping Parents of Mentally Retarded Children E
SPE 434 Problems in Programme Development for the Mentally Retarded; Review of Research Studies R
SPE 417 Aural Rehabilitation E
SPE 421 Research Seminar on Learning Disabilities C
SPE 422 Remedial Techniques in Basics School Subjects C
SPE 423 Advanced Strategies in Curriculum Development for Learning Disabled Children R
SPE 424 Learning Disabled Adolescents and Adults Problems R
SPE 425 Career Education for the Learning Disabled R
SPE 441 Education of the Deaf C
SPE 442 Advanced Problems in Teaching Hearing-Impaired R
SPE 443 Rehabilitation of the Deaf R
SPE 444 Linguistic Approaches to Teaching Language to the Hearing-Impaired E
SPE 445 Teaching Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and Health Education to the Deaf C
SPE 447 Evaluation of the Hearing-Impaired E
SPE 451 Education of the Visually Impaired II C
SPE 452 Communication Skills for the Visually Impaired II C
SPE 453 Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired R
SPE 454 Media for the Visually Impaired E
SPE 471 Gifted and Talented Unit C
SPE 472 Education of the and Curriculum in Special Education C
SPE 473 Special Populations, Research Issues and Practicum R
SPE 474 Administration and Personnel Preparation R
SPE 475 Approaches to Independent Study E
SPE 476 Counseling the Creatively Gifted and Underachieving Children E