POWER:   noun, verb;  is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, (2001 edition):



The ability to control people or things.


Political control of a country or an area.


In people; the ability or opportunity to do something.



Prayer can be defined as follows:


 Prayer is insisting that the will of God which has already be established in heaven be done.


Prayer is asking and receiving from God.


Prayer is the rail on which the train of power of God moves.


Prayer is when you offer your heart desires unto God by the help of the Holy Spirit.


Prayer is the greatest privilege God has given to a redeemed soul. (You can preach without being spiritual but you cannot pray without being spiritual. Preaching is to men but prayer is to God.


Prayer is the weapon in the hour of conflict.


Prayer is defence in the moment of peril.


Prayer is the retreat in the moment of exhaustion in the time you get to whit end.


Prayer is the mightiest force in the universe.


Prayer is the key to open the morning and to lock the night.


Prayer is the most important work on earth.


Prayer is the greatest outlet of power.


Prayer is the wealth of poverty.


Prayer is the strength of weakness.


Prayer is the light that overshadows darkness.


Prayer is the gateway to the presence of God.


Prayer is the channel for God’s grace.


Prayer is fellowship with God.


Prayer is a trade learned.


Prayer is talking and listening to God.


Prayer is the deepest expression of the soul of a man.


Prayer breaks down the walls of opposition.


Prayer is that thing that unites the soul of man and God.


Prayer is partnering with God in joining hands to battle Satan.


Prayer is the only thing that would succeed if all other things fail.


Prayer is a just method of achieving great and extraordinary result.


Prayer does not die.


Prayer is the highest energy that human being can emit.


Prayer is the only medium of relating with heaven.


Prayer is bringing out helplessness before God.


Prayer is reasoning with God.


Prayer is the thermometer with which the spiritual temperature is measured.


Prayer is the solution to every life’s problem.


Prayer is the key to open the heart of God.



Prayer is reminding God of His promises.