Dr Oyundoyin J.O.



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Name: Oyundoyin, John Olusegun 


 Designation/Position: Senior Lecturer 


Date and Place of Birth: 23rd March, 1964,


                                         Oyan, Osun State

Phone Number: +234-8056981144                                                            E-Mail Address: [email protected]  

                                                                    Qualifications and Institutions


Attended with Dates:  Ebekun Secondary Commercial Grammar School, Iresi, Osun State. 1976-1983 (WASC)


Oyo State College of Education (Now Osun State College of Education)


Ila-Organgun, Osun State 1984-1987 (NCE)


B.Ed (Special Education) University of Ibadan, 1988-1991


M.Ed (Special Education), University of Ibadan, 1992-1994


Ph.D (Special Education), University of Ibadan, 2004


Area/s of Specialization


  1. 1.       Education of Children with Intellectual Disability

  2. 2.      Education of the Gifted/Talented

  3. 3.      Creativity in youths

  4. 4.      Children with Autism



Current research


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