Prof. Ademokoya J.A.

Personal Profile Page

Julius Abiola ADEMOKOYA

8th January, 1963.

FIRST ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT:  Assistant Lecturer (16 August, 1994)

PRESENT POSITION :  Professor / A & P Committee for Junior Non-Teaching Staff on CONTISS 5 and below


University of Ibadan, Ibadan          1987

University of Ibadan, Ibadan          1989

University of Ibadan, Ibadan          1995


B.Ed., (Hons); (Speech and Hearing Education/Rehabilitation), University of Ibadan

M.Ed., (Special Education), University of Ibadan.

Ph.D., (Special Education), University of Ibadan. 


Awarded: International Intellectual of Year 2001, by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Member, Nigerian Association of Special Education Teacher (NASET).

Member, National Council for Exceptional Children (NCEC).

Member, Nigeria Speech and Hearing Association (NISHA).


Assistant Lecturer, Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan. August 1994  August 1995:

Lecturer II, Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan. August 1995  October 1998:

Lecturer I, Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan. October 1998  October 2001:

Senior Lecturer, Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan. October 2001- to date

Number of Undergraduate Projects Supervised as at 31st July, 2004 is as follows:

          B. Ed   - 40 Candidates

Post-graduate Supervision:-

            The following is the list of PGD, M.Ed, M.Phil and PhD degree students I have supervised as at July 31st 2004.

          PGD    -        2 Candidates

          M. Ed  -        20 Candidates

Administrative Duties

i) Secretary, Departmental Postgraduate Committee, 1995 –1996

ii) Coordinator, Departmental Postgraduate Committee, 1996 to 2003.

iii) Coordinator, Departmental Postgraduate Committee, 2005 to date.

iv) Member, Departmental Finance Committee, 2005 to date.

v) Chairman, Local Organising Committee, of the 15th Annual Conference of the National Council for Exceptional Children (NCEC) hosted by the Department of Special Education, University of Ibadan between 8th - 11th August 2006.

vi) Member, Social and Welfare Committee, Faculty of Education.  1995  1999.

vii) Secretary, Faculty of Education Prospectus Drafting Committee, 1998.

viii) Member, Ethics and Character Committee, Faculty of Education. 2001.

ix) Member, Planning and Logistics sub-committee of the 40th Anniversary Committee, of the Faculty of Education. University of Ibadan. 2005

x) Member, Faculty of Education Aids Awareness Committee, 2004 to 2005

xi) Business Editor, Faculty of Education Journal (Ibadan Journal of Education Studies) 2003 to 2005.

xii) Member, Editorial Board, Faculty of Education Journal (Ibadan Journal of Education Studies) 2005 to date

xiii) Editor-in-Chief, Departmental Journal (Journal of Special Education) 2002 to 2005.

xiv) Member, Continuing Education Coordinating Unit, (The Faculty's Consultancy out-fit) 2002 to date.

xx) Acting Head of Department of Special Education February 1st 2008 till date  



Mentioned below are completed research works designed and carried out by my humble self or in conjunction with academic colleagues and some of my supervised postgraduate students:

Dissertation and Thesis.

 (i) Beliefs and Attitude of some Parents towards their Disabled Children in Oyo State.

 M.Ed. Dissertation, 1989 

(ii) Effects of Direct and Indirect Instructional Strategies on Fostering Reasoning Skills in Hearing-impaired Students.

 Ph.D. Thesis 1995

Education of the Hearing-impaired.

1. Ademokoya J.A. Onwuchekwa J.N. and Oyewumi A. M. (2003). Educating the Hearing-impaired within the Context of the Universal Basic Education. In O. Ayodele Bamisaiye, I. A. Nwazuoke and A. Okediran (eds.) Education in this Millennium: Innovation in Theory and Practice. Ibadan: Macmillan. (Number 9 on C.V).

2. Ademokoya J.A. and Chovwen A (1998). Improving School Audiological Processes through Computer Application. Nigeria Journal of computer Literacy 2 (1) 96-101 (number 25 on C.V).

3. Ademokoya J.A. and Oyewumi A.M. (2001). Applying Inclusive Education to the Hearing-impaired Child in the Nursery Schools. Journal of Special Education 9 (1) 25-33 (Number 31 on C.V).

4.  Ademokoya J.A. (2001). Improving Counselling Relationships with Deaf Persons through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Nigerian Journal of Applied Psychology 7/8 12-9 (Number 32 on C.V).

  1. Ademokoya J.A and Oyewumi A.M (2002). Integrating the Hard of Hearing Children into Regular School through the Universal Basic Education Programme. Nigerian Journal of Emotional Psychology and Sport Ethics  40,  40- 43 (Number 33 on the C.V)

6. Ademokoya J.A. (1990). Speech Communication: Development and Disorders. In I. Nwazuoke (ed.) Understanding Special Education. Ibadan. Creative Books 100-125 (Number 4 on C.V).

7. Ademokoya J.A (1995). Stuttering: The Enigma and Management of a Speech Disorder in Children. Ife Psychologia 3   (2) 163-172 (Number 17 on C.V).

8. Ademokoya J.A. (2004). “Those Troubled by the Way they Speak” What Help can the Counselor Offer? The Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counselling 9 (1) 85-93. (Number 40 on C.V).

9. Ademokoya J.A (2004). Managing the Reaction Effects of Speech Disorders on Speech Defectives. African Journal of Cross- Cultural Psychology and Sport Facilitation. 6 91-95 (Number 41 on C.V).

10. Ademokoya J. A. (2004). Integrating Speech/ Language Therapy into the General Education Practices. Paper accepted for publication at the Ibadan Journal of Education Studies. Vol.4