Prof. Mabawonku I.M.

Personal Profile Page


(a)        Name                           Iyabo Motolagbe MABAWONKU  

   (b)        Date of Birth:             3 April, 1948 

   Â©         Department:                Library, Archival and Information Studies 

 (d)       Faculty :                         FACULTY OF EDUCATION 


II        (a)        First Academic Appointment:            Assistant Lecturer          

           (b)        Present post : Professor       

       Â©         Date of last Promotion:                        1 October, 2000

      (d)           Date last considered (in cases wherePromotion was not through:                   Not    Applicable

III        University Education (with dates):           

(a)        University of Ife                                    1967-1970

(b)        University of Ibadan                             1970  1971

(c)        Michigan State University                                  1975

(d)        University of Ibadan                              1982-1987


IV        Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies)

(a)                B. A.(Hons) English & Philosophy, (University of Ife, Nigeria) 1970

(b)               Master of Arts, Educational Media Technology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 1975

(c)                Ph.D. Library Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1987. Title: Determinants of Use and Non-use of   Instructional Media by Lectures in Two selected Nigerian Universities.  A thesis submitted to the Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan. Ibadan. July, 1987. 

V         Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with date)

(a)                Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship. 1971. 

VI        Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes (with date) in respect of Undergraduate and Postgraduate work only: Nil 

VII      Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies

(a)                Member, Nigerian Library Association

(b)               Associate Editor, African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science. 1991- 2000.

(c)                Member, Editorial Board: Nigerian Library and Information Science Review. 1987- and Nigerian Libraries, 2003-

 VIII     Details of Teaching Experience at University levelAssistant Lecturer:  January 1976 1979          Lecturer Grade 2:     

 October   1979  1981                       Lecturer Grade 1:    

  October 1981  1985                        Senior Lecturer:        

 October 1985 - 2000                          Reader:                     

October 2000  

Details of Courses Taught

(a)                Undergraduate Level:

LSE 214: Oral Information 

LSE 302: Collection Development

LSE 405: Research  Methods/Independent Study

LSE   412: Academic and Special Libraries

(bi)       Postgraduate Level

LSE 710: Research Methods

 LSE 711: Independent Study

LSE 724: Reference Sources and Services

ASE 702: Oral Archives

 LSE 734:  Academic Libraries

 LSE 735: Special Libraries

LSE 708: Audiovisual Resources

(bii)      M.Phil and Ph.D

LSE 805:  Educational Resources

LSE 807:  Issues and Themes in Library and Information Science

©         Masters Projects Supervised

I have supervised over 100 masters degree projects in the Department over the years.

(d)               Ph.D Thesis Supervision1.     

             I have supervised two doctoral dissertations. Currently, I am supervising six doctoral candidates.     


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