Prof Alegbeleye G.O.

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I.          Name:                         ALEGBELEYE, Gabriel Oluwabunmi

            Date of Birth:             January 1947

            Department:               Library, Archival and Information Studies.


II.         Present  Appointment (with Date):

            (a)        Professor                                                                      -           1994  to date

 III.                   Previous Positions

(a)        Junior Research Fellow                                     -           1975  1978

(b)        Research Fellow                                                           -           1978  1983

(c)        Senior Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer                        -           1983  1990

(d)        Reader/Associate Professor                                          -           1990  1994

 IV.       University Education (with Dates)

(a)        University of Ibadan                                                      -           1968  - 1972

(b)        University de Nice, France                                            -           1970  1971

(c)        Case Western Reserve University                                 -           1976  1977

(d)        Catholic University of America, Washington, D. C.        -           1981  1982

(e)        University of Ibadan                                                      -           1982 - 1983


V.        Academic  Qualifications (with Dates and Granting Bodies)

          (a)    B. Ed. Education, History & French

                  (University of Ibadan)                                                         -           1972

          (b)    M.S.L.S. (Case Western Reserve University)                      -           1977

          (c)    P.M.L.S. (Catholic University of America)                    -     1982

          (c)    Ph. D. (University of Ibadan)                                        -     1983

 VI        Professional Qualifications and Diploma

            (a)        Diplome detude Francaise (France)                             -           1971

            (b)        Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship               -           1975

            (c)        Post-masters Certificate in Library, Information

                        and Archival Studies                                                     -           1982

 VII      Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes

            (a)        University of Ibadan Scholar                                         -           1968  1972

            (b)        French Government Scholarship                                    -           1996  1967

            (c)        UNESCO Fellow                                                         -           1981

            (d)        Commonwealth Foundation Fellow                               -           1986

            (e)        German Government Fellow                                         -           1988

 VIII     Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned  Societies and            Professional Bodies

(a)    Member, International Records Management Council     -    1984  1989


(b)    Member, International Association of Social Science

         Information and Technology (IASSIST)                         -   1985  1990


(c)    President, Association of Records and Information

         Managers of Nigeria                                                      -    1986  1991


(d)    Member, Association of Commonwealth Archivists

         and Records Managers                                                        -    1988  1993


(e)    Member, Nigerian Library Association (NLA)                -    1976 


(f)     Member, International Council of Archives (I.C.A.)

         Section on Education and Training                                  -    1988  1992


(g)    Editor, (Africa) International Records Management

         Journal                                                                                -    1988  1990


(h)    Editor-in-Chief, The Nigeria Archives Journal                 -    1989  1995


(i)     Editor-in-Chief Journal of Librarianship and

         Information Science in Africa                                               -    1999 


(j)     Listed in the Marquis Who's Who International

         8th Edition.

 IX.       Consultancy, Professional and Administrative Activities at University Level

1.         Assistant Consultant: Organization and Implementation of Records and Information Programme for the federal Ministry of Trade, Nigeria, (1978  - 1979).


2.         Co-ordinator: Workshop on Newspaper Indexing, Organised by the Nigerian Library Association, Oyo State Branch, March 24  29, 1985.


3.         Resource Person: Workshop of Information to the Grassroots for Federal Government Information Officers, University of Ibadan, 22  28, 1986.


4.         Resource Person: Workshop on National Information Network for Policy-Makers in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, July 18  22, 1988.


5.         Resource Person: International Workshop on the Handling of Intermediate records and Records Centre Management, organized by the Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers and the Government of Gambia, April,  3- 22, 1989.


6.         Resource Person: International Workshop on the Handling of Intermediate Records and records Centre Management, organized by the Association of Commonwealth of Ghana, July  August, 1989.


7.         Co-ordinator: National Conference on the Conservation and Library and Archival Materials under the auspices of the Nigerian Library Association, held in Yola, Nigeria, March, 12  16, 1990.


8.         Co-ordinator: Records and Information Management Workshop sponsored by the Nigerian Library Association, Oyo State Chapter, held at Ibadan, September 9  14, 1990.


9.         Resource Person: International Workshop on the Handling of Intermediate Records and Records Centre Management, organized by the Association of commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers and the government of Gambia, April, 1991.


11.       External Examiner: Department of Library and Archival Studies, University of Ghana, Legon.


12.       Member of University of Ibadan Senate: 1983  85; 1987  1989.


13.       Member of the University of Ibadan Library Committee: 1986 – 1990.


14.       Chairman, Faculty of Education Consultancy Committee and Member of Board of University Consultancy Unit: 1987  1990.


15.       Departmental representative on Faculty of Education Postgraduate Committee, 1985  1990.


16.       Faculty representative on University of Ibadan Postgraduate Committee, 1985  1990.


17.       Visiting Lecturer (1990/91 session) on a sabbatical leave at Moi University, teaching courses in Archives administration,  conservation and Information Science.


18.       Co-ordinator, International workshop on the management of records and information in universities and other tertiary institutions, May 32  June 3, 1994.


19.       Co-ordinator, Education and Training of the IFLA/ICA programme in preservation and conservation of Africa (JICPA)


20.       Secretary/Treasurer, IFLA African Section, 1997  1999.


21.       Chairman/President, IFLA African Section, 1991  2001.


22.       Head, Department of Library, Archival & Information Studies,


 X         Details of Teaching Experience at the University Level:  (a)        M.Phil and Ph. D.

LSE 804:          Building for Library, Archival and Information Centres

LSE 801:          Office Automation, Design and Management

LSE 807:          Issues and Themes in Library, Archival and Information Science.

 (b)        Master in Library Studies (M.L.S.)

LSE 701:          History of Archives Libraries and Information Systems.

LSE 710:          Research Methods

LSE 724:          Reference Sources and Services

LSE 721:          Library and Society

LSE 724:          Conservation of Information Materials

LSE 703:          Indexing and Abstracting

LSE 724:          Information Systems Analysis and Evaluation

                        Master in Archival Studies (MAS)

                       ASE 701:      Reprography and Micrograhics

                       ASE 702:      Oral Archives

                       ASE 722:      Archives Administration

                       ASE 726:      Records and Information Management

                        Bachelor in Library and Information Studies

                       LSE 115:      Introduction to Conservation

                       LSE 214:      Oral Information

                       LSE 317:      Conservation and Preservation of Library Resources


         (c)          Sub-Degree: Diploma in Librarianship

                       LSD 101:      Library and Society

                       LSD 111:      Rural Community Development and Libraries in Africa

          (d)          Supervision of Higher Degrees

                       I have also supervised over 50 MLS projects and currently supervising                                       nine Ph.D. candidates.

 Partial listing of Ph.D. Candidates Supervised

1.    Mr. O. A. Adebayo

2.    Dr. (Mrs.) A. A. Agbaje        

3.    Mr. J. I. Unomah

4.    Mrs. S. I. Odeyemi

5.    Dr. S. O. Popoola

6.    Dr. A. Abifarin

7.    Dr. Nwang Michael Ngwanyi

8.    Dr. A. A. Abioye

9.    Mrs. B. Atulomah

 Partial Listing of M.L.S. & M.A.S. Students Supervised 1977/78 Session 

1.       Malomo, Bolanle Adetoyole                                        

          Use of the University of Ibadan Library by staff members of the Faculty of                  

          Education  MLS.


2.       Njoku, Matthew Kalu

          Archival Management of Religious Documents: Problems of  Acquisition,                          

          Interpretation and Storage of Religious Documents by the national Archives of                  

          Nigeria  MLS.


3.       Ononogbo, Raphael Unogbu

          A study of the Administration of the University Archives  MLS.


4.       Unomah, Joseph Ifeanyi

          Problems of Preserving Archival Materials in Nigeria: National Archives, Ibadan

          as a case study.

 1978/1979 Session

5.    Ndem, Asari Celinah

       Mutilation and stealing of Library Books in the University of Ibadan  MLS.


6.    Oloruntoba, Joseph Adunbi

       An investigation of the Rationale for the Existence and Operation of a Bindery in the Ibadan University Library  MLS.


7.    Ubogu, Felix Nkwa

       Zoological Journal Usage in the University of Ibadan Library  MLS

 1982/1983 Session

8.    Afolabi, James Adeola

       Deterioration and Conservation of Bibliographic resources in Nigerian Libraries: Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library Library, University of Ife as a case study  MLS


9.    Aguolu, Ifeyinka Eunice

       Conservation of Library Resources in the Universities of Ibadan and Maiduguri Libraries: A Comparative Analysis of the Problems and Prospects.


10.  Mpamugo, Ikechukwu Wwanne

       Provision and Utilization of Reference Materials at the National Library of Nigeria  MLS.

 1983/1984 Session

11.  Afolabi, Martins Tunde

       A Survey of the Conservation of Paper Materials at the Ondo State Library, Akure  MLS.


12.  Afolabi, Samuel

       A Critical Analysis of Fifty years records of E.C.W.A.

       Mopa Isanlu  MLS.


13.  Arogundade, Albert Ola

       A Survey of Conservation of the Resources of the Adeyemi College of Education Library, Ondo MLS.


14.  Ette, Edak Nsa

       The Organization and Utilization of the University of Ibadan Archives  MLS


15.  Isan, Esther Ebole

       The Conservation of the Resources of the University of Benin Library  MLS

 1984/1985 Session

16.  Adebayo, Ayodele

       A Survey of the Records of Oyo State Central Schools Board: Their Creation, Maintenance and Use  LS.


17.  Bello, Aderoke

       A Study of the Preservation of paper Materials at the Library of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria  MLS.


18.       Alokun, Nurudeen

            Theft and Mutilation of Library Materials in the Adeyemi College of Education Ondo Library -  MLS.


19.       Laniran, Tayewo

            Preservation of Bibliographic and Non-bibliographic Resources at the Broadcasting corporation of Oyo State Library  MLS.


20.       Nwosu, Cyril

            The Administration of the University of Nigeria Nsukka Archives  MLS.


21.       Obiwumi, Olasumbo

            A Study of the Records Management Programme of the Oranmiyan Local Government, Ile-Ife MLS.


22.       Omoyale, Samuel

            A Study of the Conservation of Library Resources at Kwara State College of Technology Library, Ilorin  MLS.


23.       Yakubu, Oshioke Aliu

            Records and Information Management in the United African Company (UACN) MLS.

 1985/1986 Session

24.       Adegboye, Olukemi

            A Study of Records Management at the Ibadan Municipal Government, Mapo,  Ibadan  MLS.


25.       Adefaranti, Emmanuel

            A Study of the Storage and Conservation of Library Materials at the Oyo State Public Library MLS.


26.       Laoye, Toyin

            Records and Information Management at the Nigerian Industrial Bank NIDB Lagos  MLS.


27.       Ayandare, Sunday

            Mutilation and theft of Materials in Special Libraries in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER) Library, Ibadan  MLS.


28.       Obi, Boma

            Theft and Mutilation of Books in the University of Port Harcourt Library  MLS


29.       Omoluabi, Julie

            Conservation of Library Resources at the Bendel State Library, Benin  MLS


30.       Oderinde, Olufunmilayo

            Records Management Programme at the Sketch Press Limited: A Survey  MLS

 1986/1987 Session

31.       Abolarinwa, Timothy

            Records of the Anglican Diocese of Kwara: A Study of Selected Archdeaconries  MLS.

32.       Adeogun, Margaret

            Conservation of Bibliographic Resources: A Case Study of the Adventist Seminary of West Africa Library  MLS.


33.       Jaiyeoba, William

            A Study of the Management of Records at the Irewole Local Government, Ikire, Oyo State  MLS.


34.       Momoh, Stephen

            Conservation of Paper Materials at the Bayero University Library, Kano  MLS.


35.       Komolafe, Dayo

            The Preservation of Library Materials: A Case Study of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and Central Library of Lagos  MLS.


36.       Osunrinde, Ayodele

            Preservation of Paper Materials at the Polytechnic Library, Ibadan MLS.


37.       Otoide, Gloria

            The Acquisition and Bibliographic Control of Archival Materials: A Comparative Study of Two Public Archives in Bendel State  MLS

 1988/1989 Session

38.       Agberotimi, Olusegun

            A Survey of Educational Services at the National Archives, Ibadan  MLS


39.       Akanbi, Hafsat

            Implementing a Records Management Programme in Lagos State University: Problems and prospects  MAS.


40.       Amadi, Gladys Ngozi

            Bendel State Library Records: Their Creation Maintenance and Use  MAS.


41.       Echem, Dennis

            Search-room Design with Particular Reference to the National Archives of Nigeria  MAS.


42.       Edordu, Monica

            Establishing a National Conservation Policy for Library Resources in Nigeria: The Role of the National Library of Nigeria  MAS.


43.       Oketunji, Idowu

            An Archives as a Place for the Preservation of Culture: The Centre for Black African Arts and Civilization as a case study  MAS.


44.       Oriakhu Mack

            Records Management Programme in Nigeria: A Survey of the Nigerian Television Authority, Ibadan  MAS.


45.       Udwigwome, Charles

            Students Use of Archival Materials of the National Archives, Ibadan  MAS.


46.       Uwagboe Emmanuel

            Management of Medical Records in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital: A Study of Radiology and Pathology Departments  MLS.




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