Dr Abioye A.A.

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(a)        Name                           Adio Asimiyu Abiola ABIOYE

(b)        Department:                  Library, Archival and Information Studies

©         Faculty:                        Education        

 II          (a)        Present post:                 Lecturer I 

 III        University Education (with dates)

(a)        University of Nigeria, Nsukka               -           1979  1983           

(b)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan                 -           1984  1987          

(c)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan                 -           1995  1997           

(d)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan                 -           2000 - 2006 

IV        Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies)           

(a)        B.A. (History/Archaeology)   -  University of Nigeria (1983)               

(b)        LL.B                                  -   University of Ibadan (1987)

(c)              MAS                                 -  University of Ibadan 1998)

(d)             Ph.D                                 -  University of Ibadan (2006) 

V         (Professional Qualifications and Diplomas(with dates)

            BL                                           1989

VI.              Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes (with date) in respect of Undergraduate and Postgraduate work only  Federal Government Merit Award        -           (1980) 

VII.      Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies

(a)                Member, Nigerian Bar Association
(b)               Member, Society of Nigerian Archivists

 VIII.     Details of Teaching Experience at University Level   

Part-time Lecturer,                                           -           1998 - 2000          

Lecturer II                                                        -           2000 - 2005           

Lecturer I                                                                     2005 till date

Associate Lecturer, Department of Guidance & Counselling, University of Ibadan, Nigeria,-   2002-2005        

Details of Courses Taught      

(a)        Undergraduate Level                       

 LSE 115             -        Introduction to Conservation                       

 LSE 214             -        Oral Information                       

LSE 317             -        Conservation and Preservation of Library Resources                       

LSE 323             -        Archives and Records Management

(b)        Postgraduate Level                       

ARM 704        -           Archival Description

ARM 705        -           Elements of Law for Archivists and Records Managers

ARM 706        -           Use of Archives                       

ARM 711        -           Management of Special Types of Archives                       

ARM 712        -           Administrative History of Nigeria                        

MPC 705         -           Legal Issues in Publishing                        

MPP 733         -           Labour Law

(c)        Project Supervision

I have supervised more than 15 Bachelors degree projects over the years.  





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